The Golden Rule

Do not judge and call yourself opinionated.

Do not criticize and call yourself helpful.

Do not say hurtful things and call yourself real.

Do not joke if you can’t take a joke.

Do not expect others to respect your differences if you are unwilling to do the same.

Do not speak everything that comes to mind if you cannot take everything that is said about you.

Do not define others by their faults if you do not want your faults to define you.

Do not wish what you cannot unwish

Do not hold mistake against others if you are not without mistakes yourself

Do not stifle ones growth if you were allowed to growyourself

The point of this is to get people to understand that the golden rule ( treat other people the way you want to be treated) come into play with everyone i.e. mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, in-laws, grandparents etc. It doesn’t just apply to people you don’t know, it applies to people you do know. Do not do things yo people you don’t want done to you. Do not say things to people you don’t want said to you. Do not act to people the way you don’t want people to act to you. This applies all the time in every instance.  For those who do not practice this will feel like this is specifically for you and may feel some type of way, and if you feel like that, then scroll to the top of the page and read again because this post was exactly for you.


Enterovirus and our Children

Enterovirus is any group of RNA viruses including Polio and Hepatitis A, that occur in the gastrointestinal tract , sometimes spreading to the central nervous system or other parts of the body. The virus that has swept over americas youths and has already claimed lives is a non-Polio virus called Enterovirus D68 and can cause mild to severe respiratory illness . Mild Symptoms include fever, runny nose, sneezing, cough, body and muscle aches. Severe symptoms include wheezing and difficulty breathing. The virus is more common in people who already have respiratory problems. EV D68 is found in infected peoples respiratory secretions such as slaiva, sputum,and nasal mucus and can be spread through coughing, sneezing, or touching serfaces that others have touched and not immediately washing hands.  To prevent being infected by the Enterovirus is to wash, wash, wash your hands after touching anything other people may have touched I.e. door handles, bathrooms, stair railings, etc. As soon as you feel any symptoms seek medical attention.  EV D68 is more likely to hit during the summer and the beginning of fall. By thie end of fall the virus should have died down drastically. The virus hits mainly infants, small children and teenagers especially if a child has asthema.  There have been more reported cases of the virus this year than in previous years and it has lasted longer as well. So far 5 children have died that was infected with EV D68 since last September 4 of which showed symptoms of the virus before death. The latest being a 4 year old, Eli Waller , in  Hamilton Township, Mercer County New Jersey on September 25. There is no specific treatment of EV D68 other than over the counter respiratory medications, fever reducers, and some antivirus medications have been effective.

Eli Waller, 4, New Jersey

Ebola in America

The Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) or more commonly known as Ebola, is a contagious disease of humans, some primates and more commonly fruit bats. The disease is highly contagious and is cause by the ebolavirus. Ebola can be transmitted through blood or other bodily fluids of an infected person or animal. Symptoms range from Fever, Sore throat, Muscle Pain, Headache, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Rash following decreased function of the liver and kidneys. Diagnosis of the virus is determined when blood samples are tested for antibodies, viral RNA, or the virus itself. There is no specific treatment plan for the virus but there are several precautions to take to keep from being infected or spreading the virus. Washing hands, cooking meat properly and wear gloves when handling meat, wear the proper protective gear when dealing with an infected animal and puttimg down the infected animal and disposing of the corpse correctly are some precautions to take. Coming forward of you believe you alor anyone you know have come into contact with the virus as soon ad possible.

There have been 14 known cases of Ebolavirus outside of West Africa, where the virus is said to have started, as of October 08, 2014. Most of those cases are Health and Aid workers who contacted Ebola virus in West Africa and were transported to their home country for treatment.

The result below are of 6 cases in the united states being treated for ebolavirus as of 10/8/14.

Aid worker…Arrived to U.S. August 2… Currently recovered        Missionary…Arrived to U.S. August 2…Currently recovered.      Doctor…Arrived to U.S. September 5… Currently Recovered      Doctor… Arrived to U.S. September 9… Still in treatment            Visitor( Thomas E. Dunan) … Arrived to U.S. Sept.30…Died         NBC Cameraman… Arrived to U.S October 6… Still in treatment

Ebola Victim Thomas Eric Duncan

So what is the U.S doing to help with the growing epidemic?  Well, the CDC and prevention have sent experts to Texas to see if anyone has come into contact with Thomas E. Duncan, who died as a result of the virus on October 8, since he traveled to Dallas while infected. They will use a process called Contact Tracing. Basically if anyone has come into contact with Duncan 21 days before he arrived to Texas, they will be quarantined and a Contact Trace will be done on them and anyone found to be in contact with them , then they will be quarantined and a contactvtrace will be done on them. This process is repeated until they have isolated all persons exposed. On a bigger level, all people coming to America from West Africa, or other countries striven with the virus will have their fever checked. Most of these people would be coming in within these 5 main airports; Kennedy International, Washington Dulles International, O’Hare International, Hartsfield-Jackson International, and Newark Liberty International. The Food and Drug Administration has not approved any drug, or vaccine to treat, prevent, or cure the ebolavirus. An experimental drug that has not been proven called ZMapp might help infected patients, but there are limited quantities of the experimental drug.

Want to know more about Ebola in America? Look it up, get informed, and get involved. Thank you.

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17 for 3

Around  7pm Wednesday evening a 35 yr old white off duty police officer was patrolling a Shaw neighborhood in St. Louis. The 6 yr department vet. Was moonlighting, as many officers tend to do, for Hi-Tech Security, a private security company. He was dressed in full metropolitan police department uniform and also carried his weapon. The officer was patrolling the neighborhood when he drove past 18 yr old Vonderrit D. Meyers Jr. (Who according to the department os no stranger to them) and two of his friends. As the officer drove past one of the boys took off running. This action made the officer make a U-turn and when he did this, the other two boys began to run. The cop believes Meyers has a weapon by the way he is grabbing his waistband and he’s is not running full stride. The officer persues the boys in his vehicle and at one point ditches the vehicle and continues the the chase on foot. In the mist of the persuit 18 yr old Meyers stops running and turns to the cop agrrssivley and a physical altercation begins. Meyers somehow breaks free and runs up a hill where he shoots  3 rounds at the off duty cop before his 9mm Ruger jams. The officer takes this opportunity the fire back 17 rounds resulting in the youths death. All of these details were relayed by Cheof of Police Sam Dobson early this morning at a briefing. He states that the officer was put on administrative leave and an internal criminal investigation has launched to determine if the officer used appropriate actions during the incident mainly surrounding the shooting. Now some witnesses say they the officer tazed the 18 yr old before firing the 17 shots, however more witness are being quietioned to get a solid look on what really happens Wednesday night. The victims cousin, Teyonna Myeres says the victim was unarmed and he was just holding a sandwich. The sandwich so far has not been recovered, however the weapon Meyers shot at the officer with was recovered which actually had been reported missing on September 26. At this point it is determined that the officer was dressed in his department uniform and did carry his weapon which is allowed by the department when officers are working for security even if the company is not affiliated with the department. It is also allowetgd for an off duty officer to excersice his responsibilities as an officer, even making arrests,  and acting in the manner of a St. Louis Police officer.  With that being said the investigation is focusing maileybaround the shooting. Let’s face it… 17 bullets really? And they were shot after the “suspect’s” gun firedand jammed? That’s enough time to take the person down. Nowy question is, even in situations as this, is there a such thing as police brutality? Abuse of power. More can be said when more details of the shooting gets released.

If you want to know more about the case, look it up, get informed, and get involved. Thank You

Dobson suspended; Benched 3 games and counting…

Aaron Dobson of the NewEngland Patriots has been benched for 3 games so far for apparenly mouthing off at  Patriots offensive coach, Josh McDanials before a game. Dobson has been reported to be immature and mouthy. Now I don’t know if I can blame Dobson because McDaniels is not a very good coach and he sucks at calling plays and he should have been cussed out long ago. I’m sure Tom Brady is tired of catching all the heat for bad play calls. Whether it was a disagreement on a play or not I say he has been punished long enough and let him play in the game against Cincinnati on Sunday. Come on coach, we need the win!

[New England Patriots Wide Receiver Aaron Dobson]

[Coach McDanials ]

Loud Rap Music + 10 Shots fired= 1 Teens Death

Another tragic story that happened back in 2012 that missed headline news. No, the shooter is not a cop, but he is white and shot at a car full of unarmed black teens, Claiming he feared for his life;


Victim – Jordan Davis, 17

Shooter – Michael Dunn, 47


Micheal Dunn shot 10+ rounds into a SUV resulting in one death after an argument over loud rap music being played from the teenagers vehicle.




Outside a store in Jacksonville, FL


MIcheal Dunn and his fiaunce Rhonda Router stopped at a store for chips and wine. Sometime while Router was in the store, Dunn gets into an argument with 4 teenagers in an SUV about the volume of the music coming from the SUV. At some point Dunn claiming he feared for his life shot ten rounds into the DUV and several more as the driver tried to get away. Jordan Davis was killed as a result of the shooting but none of the other passengers were injured. Michael Dunn then sped from the scene and back to his hotel room.


Dunn was arrested the following afternoon after returning home from their trip. During the trial that is still going on, Rhonda Router stated that she heard the gunshots and Dunn rushed her out of the star… When she got into the car he pulled off fast, so fast she didn’t even get a chance to do her seatbelt first. She goes on to say that the y rrturned to the botel they were staying at and ordered Pizza and drank rum and cokes until she fell asleep.The next day she saw jordan Davis had died as a result of the shooting and asked dunn to take her home. Dunn was arrested soon after arrival. The trial is still ongoing, but Dunn could face up to 60 years in prison as a result of his part in the shooting and the death of Jordan Davis.

What to know more about this case? Look it up, get informed, and get involved. Thank you.

Murder In The Driveway

So many sad stories and not everyone become firestorm stories like Michael Brown. Here is another tragic shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer;


Victim- Earnest Satterwhite, 68

Shooter- Officer Justin Craven, 25


Officer Craven shot Unarmed Satterwhite in his car whole in the driveway of his residence.


Sunday February 9th 2014 around 7:30pm


At the residence of Earnest Satterwhite in his driveway while still in his car, South Carolina.


 Agusta Public Safety Officer Justin Craven (25) attempted to pull over Earnest Satterwhite (68) for suspected DUI. Satterwhite refused to stop the car and led Officer Craven on a 9 mile low speed chase back to residence. When Satterwhite stopped his vehicle in his driveway, Officer Craven jumped out of his vehicle and fired shots into Satterwhite’s vehicle.


Officer Justin Craven was indicted on a charge of ‘Misconduct of Office’ which is a misdemeanor.

Want to know more about this case? Look it up, get educated, and get involved. Thank you.

Earnest Satterwhite, 68

The Boy Who Shared His Lunch

At Weaverville Elementary School, located in Weaverville, CA , 13 year old Kyle Bradford was given detention for sharing his chicken burrito with a fellow classmate. When Bradford found out the friend didn’t like the sandwich given to him, He offered the burrito  he wasn’t going to eat to the classmate. Trinity Alps Unified School District  has a strict rule about sharing food stating that possible unknown food allergies could occur by sharing food between students.

Tom Barnett, Superintendent of the school district told Krcrt’s website,

“We have a policy that prohibits students from exchanging meals. Of course if students are concerned about other students not having enough to eat we would definitely want to consider that, but because of safety and liability we cannot allow students to actually exchange meals,” 

I personally say if no harm came of it, give Kyle Bradford a break and just give him a warning. Bradford was just trying to do a good thing for a friend and giving him a burrito that he wasn’t going to eat. For the school to punish him for #1 not waisting food, and #2 sharing, which are things that are taught to be good things, is just pain wrong. Shame on you Weaverville Elementary School. Shame on you.

If you want to know more about this story, check out Thank you.

Pregnant and Engaged?

Daughter of the late king of pop Michael Jackson is in the spotlight again. Paris Jackson is reported to be pregnant and engaged. You would think after her suicide attempt last year they would give the girl a break. The Daily star reproted that Paris was pregnant after having dinner at a restaurant. Witnesses told the magazine that they saw the 16 year old toasting  twice with water instead of wine at dinner. They also said her stomach bulge was enough to have people talking. Well #1 she is 16 and should be toasting with water and not wine. #2 she just ate dinner she should have a little buldge going on. Not everyone in Hollywood is obsessed with being a stick figure. However the witnesses go on to say that in European countries where there is no drinking age, it is unusual to toast with water and not wine and thats why it was indicated that she may be pregnant. I say she is an American and it is not unusual for her not to follow European custums just like its not unusual for people to follow American customs. It was also reported that Paris Jackson was seen shopping for rings with her unidentified boyfriend. Does this mean she was shopping for engagement rings? Who knows… When the starlet is ready to come out with the details. Until then, leave the poor girl alone and let her live her life. Her father was the famous icon not her and she has stayed out of the spotlight for a reason so let’s leave it that way.

If you want to know more about this story, please don’t look it up, let’s give the girl the break she needs and deserves. Thank you.

You ARE The Father!!!

Matthew Knowles, Father of Beyonce and Solange Knowles added another child to the list. After a brief relationship, (around the time Tina Knowles divorced him in 2010) that resulted in a pregnancy, lingerie model turned real estate agent, Taqoya Branscomb, sued Matthew Knowles for a paternity test, establishment of paternity, and child support. Guess what? The results are in! A copy of the paternity test obtained by TMZ  shows that Knowles is 99.998% the father of Branscomb’s 4 year old daughter. Is child support in Taqoya’s future? Probably not anytime soon since the judge has reportedly cut Knowles child support payments to Alexandria Wright, another woman he had a child with. Apparently the judge cut the payments due to Matthew’s financial decline after being fired from his super star daughter Beyonce knowles. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Taqoya was a friend of Matthew’s other daughter Solange Knowles! Taqoya and Solange became friends in 2008 after meeting through a stylist. During the course of their friendship, Solange was left in the dark about the secret love affair between her father and branscomb. And what a friendship it must have been because since the news of the paternity, a rep for Solange stated on her behalf that Knowles and Bramscomb were never friends and the picture ( featured below) of the two was just a random fan pic. Ouch! So not only has Taqoya been denied by papa Knowles she was also denied by kid sister Knowles too. Tough break Taqoya.

If you want to know more about this story, check out and get updated.